Spring Cleaning the Blog

Springtime is here... and so it's time to rethink some things and clean up. One item on the list is this very blog. This blog was started in 2008, some nine years ago.  George W. Bush was still POTUS. There was a design change in 2010, and another one in 2011. That one remained in place until today, so we are looking at more than six years of the same. Admittedly, the blogging frequency was low anyway, as Instagram, Facebook, and other outlets took over.

The new design is modern, more content rich, and yet cleaner.  It takes advantage of a bunch of new templates that Google came out with. The Soho Theme was slightly tweaked, mainly regarding the fonts and gadgets. The big new thing is that this is a "responsive design", so it's OK on mobile as well. Also, it supports featured content and presents more image content on the front page. There is an automatic cut off of lengthy posts so you can see more at once. Some of the generated content like the archive is hidden in the menu.

I continue to include ads on the site. The income is marginal, a few cents per month, but it's good for learning how these things work and what kind of analytics are being generated.

The biggest change, however, is the new name... The original name "no substantial messages here" was actually inspired by books from Iain Banks, where spaceships have odd names. The blog name was changed to "random thoughts here", which would also fit well with the Culture, but it is somewhat more positive, and perhaps more true. When looking at the recent posts it is however about our family Doberman's or people who passed away recently, so it's not so random.

With that, and because I need a picture, I am re-posting my most successful post about "Starship Size Comparision". With more than 5,700 page views this was more than three times the popularity than the second best. Don't miss to visit the original source site.

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