How Skylar Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pool

Another Skylar Video, this time about learning to overcome fear of water in the pool.  We placed a favorite toy in the mini-pool and while Skylar was hesitant in the beginning, he did go after the ball quite fast and without fear after a few attempts.

Interesting side story: I was using the song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" as music because of the Dr. Strangelove reference. The original song origin is dating back to the Civil War, so it should be freely available, but I could not find it for "free", other than at dubious locations. There was a version at the Library of Congress, so I assumed that this one would be free to use. But YouTube matched it against a copyright claim... too bad. It is legal to use, but may be monetized by the copyright holder. I left the song in, because it really fits well with the content. Anyway, odd situation, because the main content is the video, and why would the monetization opportunity go to the soundtrack? It's probably too late because you watched the video already, but an alternative version with different music and NO ADs is here.

Also, FYI: the video was shot with iPhone 6, and edited with Vegas Pro 13.

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