Blistered Padrón Peppers and Roasted Watermellon seeds

I am currently subscribed to the CSA at Suzie's Farm, which means that unexpected produce comes to the kitchen from time to time.  The latest box included Padrón Peppers and a huge Watermellon. I never had Padrón Peppers, and there was a leaflet saying that one should roast the seeds of the Watermellon - so I went on and harvested the Watermellon seeds, which takes some patience, and followed the receipt for Blistered Padrón Peppers and Roasted Watermellon seeds. Pictures are below - the seeds turned out OK (although not great), and the Padrón Peppers are really tasty. They say that once in a while there is a really hot pepper in the mix, but so far it's been safe.

This is also my first post with pictures from the brand new RX100M3.

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