Top Panorama from Downtown San Diego

There was a nice event yesterday going around San Diego for photo hunting. It lead more or less by chance up to the Marriott hotel in downtown, to the secret top-of-15th floor Cupula. The place is unique, has this to say: "Our 245-room hotel opened in October 1999 and is housed in a renovated 1920’s historic bank building [...] Atop the 15th story of the hotel is the cupola, an open sided former aviation beacon that crowns the historic building. After construction in 1928 the building represented a milestone in San Diego’s development as not only the tallest building, but also the most technologically advanced in San Diego." I used my Alpha 55V with on-board stitching to create a panorama showing San Diego roofs and the Coronado bridge - displayed below through a Silverlight application. Different from before, this panorama has "autorotate" enabled. The original full size picture is also available.
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