STS-133 again

After the recent STS-133 launch, NASA released 29 minutes of footage from various booster cameras. The first part shows the whole glory of the ignition (0:15), the violent launch (0:20), the really short burn time, the separation from the tank (still burning, 2:26), the parachute deployment (probably around 5:58, when the rotation changes) and eventually touchdown in the water (6:54). There are some more cameras views (7:52, 14:50 [with sound, odd], 20:33, 25:45), please explore yourself... but don't miss 10:10 or 28:09 when the forward booster camera shows the Shuttle speed away after separation, 15:18 where the booster separates from the tank with an inward view, or 20:18 where the booster is already in the water, and the camera is panning up to apparently give a glimpse of a booster still on the parachute. Beautiful.

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