How to get Pageviews

Blogger offers since June 2010 a statistics feature. You can see how many pageviews your blog has, where these come from, and a few other things. The "all times" statistic is below, there is a noticeable up-tick in the recent weeks since I came back to posting a little more. The stats show of course only the Blog views, and not re-posts on Facebook (since April 9, 2009) or Twitter (since March 30, 2009). But the real shocker is this: more than 50% of the pageviews (i.e. north of 3000) are going to a single post: Starship Size Comparison, and all that traffic comes through Google search, quite stable actually, even today. So the lesson I learned is this: Add geeky terms to blog titles to drive visitors.  Runner up is the post about Custom Color PS3, but it got just a 1/12th of the Starship views. Further down the popularity ladder is my trip to Germany (odd), something about Vermicompost, and finally my recommendation to try the L├╝becker Nusstorte.

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