Design Change

Since it is a new year, some changes took place on the blog. Of course, this is only good for the valued readers on the blog itself, not the Facebook or Twitter spin-offs. Most prominent, the main column is wider, which is a feature available at Blogger for a while now. Please expect in the future larger images :-) The Search Box gadget is removed, since now there is a default search box in the upper right. The Followers gadget is removed, as I have no clue how to manage followers, and a spammer linked him/herself there (anyone knows how to manage followers?). Instead, there is now a gadget that should simplify RSS for MyYahoo and other RSS readers. And finally, I doubled the number of AdSense gadgets, from one to two. The new one is at the end of the right column. Invisible for the readers, I switched to the "advanced editor" for the Blog posts. I am only medium happy with it, since linking from pictures is difficult, but one has to go with the modern times.

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