Top 100 Music App

I am now a regular viewer of The Big App Show, and found this one interesting: Bing is sponsoring an application that is essentially an Internet Radio application, featuring Radio Stations for the top 100 songs of each year since 1947. Once a year is selected, the app plays randomly full songs from the top 100 list - the criteria for entering this list seems obscure. For specific songs they have a preview only, and they offer an iTunes link for everything. There is an honor-system build in: either you pay something for the app, or you download the Bing application. I had the Bing app, but needed to click "go to iTunes and get Bing" once w/o download to get rid of the reminder (for now, at least). Strange alliances happen here: Microsoft creates additional outlets for the iTunes music download service in order to get Bing on more iPhones. Odd. The app is actually developed by Nutsie, who is offering a lot of different flavors of the Top 100, including VideoGame, Christmas and Power Workout. No less than 46 different apps that are basically all the same are available, also for the other platforms android, blackberry. Just 5 versions for Blackberry, how come?

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