My iPhone 3GS now got the iOS4 treatment, which brings changes - but not all of them are improvements. Anyway, to celebrate I share my homescreen, again... I am now using the folders feature to remove a couple of swipes from my daily routine, so I am fine with these. I will probably have folders only on the first screen for a while, as the benefit is lower on the other screens. Also positive is the unified mailbox. I also use a wallpaper, different from my lock screen. Most disappointing so far is that some apps really take longer to load. I assume that this is less of an app issue, but related to the fast app switching: Apps appear not to be unloaded until the memory is needed, and the price is that the memory needs to be reclaimed when launching a new app when there is no more space. Pure speculation, but specifically larger apps (like AP or Safari take noticeable longer to load.

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