Vermicompost Harvest Time

Pretty much exactly one year ago I posted first about our Vermicompost attempt: we got a Can-O-Worm and started to collect organic kitchen scrap for compostation by way of the digestive power of Red Wigglers. At the time of the first posting, we had it already going for a while, so the process take well over a year. But today was the day of harvesting: the third level is getting full, and we need to take out the first one and make good use of the result. It turns out that there are still plenty of worms in the lowest bin, despite the myth that the Red Wigglers would move up to where the fresh food is. Other than this, the result is nice, black, homogeneous compost. We got probably a gallon out of it, which is really not much compared to the effort and time it took. We used it for a few roses, and now wait for great growth.

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