The iPad

I am certainly late to the review-the-iPad mania. But now I got my hands on a loaner, and it is pretty impressive. A very good screen, and surprising performance. It is a little heavy, but in exchange there is good battery life, so I take that. Wifi is not that great, I had to disable the 'n' from my dual band router. Some of the apps are super-impressive, for example the Epicurious cookbook, or the Marvel comic app. I also tried Apples own Keynote, and even that was much better than anticipated. Overall, the iPad is certainly better for consuming stuff rather than producing. But the occasional mail works well. Actually, I'm writing parts of this blog entry on the iPad. I used free a free photo app to rotate and scale the image below, but the text entry does not work in wysiwyg - need to use the HTML editor :-( Perhaps I should look for a blog app. At the end, I finished this entry on the PC... Anyway, it is enjoyable.

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