SyFy's Warehouse

As noted earlier, the SciFi Channel changed its name to SyFy. Odd, but perhaps not too distracting after all. The SciFi Magazine seems to keep it's identity? Other than that, they have a new show called Warehouse 13. I saw the 2 hour pilot, and the first regular episode. My rating is "wait and see". The story is about a huge warehouse somewhere in nowhere, filled with artifacts and stuff from unresolved cases or strange origin (read: a lot of opportunities to begin a story without any context other than the warehouse). There are three main characters who are picking something or get something from the warehouse, and then they resolve it. It seems like a not too bad idea. The look and feel is a retro/steampunk inspired, just see the "tesla gun" below. So far the stories had a slow start, and suffered dramatically the overly scripted oddness. For example, one main character uses a glider to traverse the warehouse, only to crash right at the place where the missing item is located, and then have to walk a long way back. Or the cart, that is powered by "human electricity". So far, the plot elements can easily be predicted. But anyway, the show may have potential, if they find a rhythm, and a story arch. A positive example would be Fringe, which is somewhat similar in its setup, but they have build a nice mythology and theme that holds everything together.

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