Postage App for iPhone

I did not buy too many apps until now for the iPhone, despite the quite casual pricing of most of them. But based on a recommendation, I got the Postage app for the iPhone - $0.99. It is actually a simple application, but very nicely executed: you can select a template of a postcard - most of them have both placeholders for a picture and text, then you add the text and picture, do some formatting, add a mail-addresses and send it on its way. The result arriving at the recipient is a personalized "postcard" image. There are many templates and font style option to chose from, but most important, it is quite much fun to use. The app can use the iTunes Mail app (configure in settings) or uses their own server - so you do not even need to have a mail account configured on the iPhone. A (rather stupid) example is below. Finished postcards can be viewed with the iPhone Photo viewer.

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