MHEG still alive

This is a real deep dig into the past... a collaborator pointed out that there is a new TV in Europe that has an MHEG button on the remote. Now, most people may not know why that is of any interest. MHEG is a multimedia application format which I was involved in much more than a decade ago. It was intended as a modernization of the European Teletext or the French Minitel. An ISO group came together, and worked quite a while on it, with TV broadcast in mind, while at the same time Internet technologies like Java emerged. So MHEG was always under pressure to evolve towards the Internet (as opposed to broadcast). A few countries picked up MHEG for digital television, but MHEG was pronounced dead on arrival by many. But guess what, it outlived many of the critics. The prove is the MHEG button, pictured below.

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