Where in the World is... Steve Jobs?

After hefty discussion in the recent weeks about "How did Apple without Steve Jobs," it is now about the scheduled time for Steve to return - it is the end of June. The latest article is here: Steve Jobs spotted leaving campus. No paparazzi was at hand, but I guess that a photo of Steve would be better than another one from the Lindsay. The article goes into details: "On Monday, he was seen leaving the main Apple building in Cupertino, California and getting into a black car alone that was then driven off by men in black suits with ear-pieces." Ok, he gets in to the car alone, we get this, but then Men in Black appear on the scene. Did they materialize suddenly? Where did they come from? And where did they go? Below is a link to another mystery: Steve does not use a car license plate, but a barcode. Anyway, there is hope that it all comes back to some level of normal.

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