Twitter is overhyped, or a marketing machine?

Conflicting messages on Twitter: Ars Technica reports that most Twitter Users never tweet, nor follow anyone. So the big Twitter numbers are all hype. I have to admit that I created only 3 or 4 tweets, the remaining 70+ something are automatic reposts from this blog via TwitterFeed. The other message is that TechCrunch reports that it gets about 10% of all traffic from Twitter - which is big. They seem to track it back not only to their followers (700K), but also the retweets. Retweet means when someone picks up a Tweet and posts it on his/her own feed - there are guides and there is science behind it. Since I don't want to be outdone, I added a script from Tweetmeme found at BloggerStop for a retweet button for this blog! The only odd thing is the counter... what does it count, and will it ever hit two digits?

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