Star Trek (2009)

Finally I saw Star Trek (2009), in the IMAX in Mira Mesa. The screen was nice, they also have digital projectors (but the movie was shot on 35mm). The sound was spectacular, perhaps a couple of dB too much. There was actually an announcer in the beginning saying that this would not be your movie if you can't stand the high volume of the explosions. The movie itself: how to talk about it without giving away to plot? The story covers a lot of Kirk's and Spock's life, plus introducing all the characters, plus the encounter with the actual nemesis. So it turns out to be a very crowded story. JJ Abrams compensated by a real rapid-fire of scenes and sequences, I would call it even restless. The look of the Enterprise interior was very different from TOS. I did not like it much. The engine room looked like a brand new (clean) oil refinery, and I never understood the layout of the bridge. The movie has of course countless references to the original. Noteworthy: the Red Shirt showing up and getting disposed within a minute or two, and the computer voice acting by Majel Barrett-Roddenberry.

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