Invasion Iowa and other Creations

Since I mentioned William Schatner yesterday, I come back to the topic again. I am actually following Bills actions for a while. He is restless... Priceline advertisements (the older ones are better), Boston Legal, Mind Melt DVD, Singing (kind of) etc. I actually own the Mind Melt DVD where he interviews or discusses various things with Leonard Nimoy - that is actually quite watchable. And the Has Been CD is enjoyable as well. Another older work is less great: Invasion Iowa, which is now available on DVD (new commentary), was previously shown on TV, some years ago. This is about a Reality-TV prank where Shatner and a film team visit an unsuspecting small village in Iowa, pretending to do a new movie, only to lure the villagers into phony situations which are exploited for the amusement of the TV audience. At the time I did not like it - it was playing too much on the misery of others. But perhaps it should be revisited?

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