GMail: Going back and forth with Google Sites

Perhaps boring for most people: Here is some lengthy advice for Google Sites users... at least this is how I see it. Use your main Google Account to access email from a Google Sites custom domain; don't use the Google Sites email tool. To use the new address space that comes with Google Sites you should forward Google Sites domain email to your main Google account and register the Google Sites mail addresses there (Settings -> Accounts) so that you can use it publicly... Details: Not too long ago I started to use my own domain, acquired through Google Sites. Eventually I moved this Blog to the new domain. Google Sites comes with GMail, so I also switched my default mail account to the new domain, and used POP to transfer all my messages from my original GMail account to the new GMail account. That worked out nicely, importing the 6000+ messages that accumulated over the years. But, as Google users with accounts know, all the Google services use a Google email address for login. After a while I found that it seems impossible to use my new address as the main login. For example, when logging in with the new address, it would automatically switch to the original main address when accessing Picasa. Somehow, I can't make Picasa use my new address. This situation became very bad with the Google Mobile applications, which would not show my new mailbox at all - even when logging in with the new credentials. So I gave up and reverted to use my original Google login for accessing mail to the new address. The GMail client can perfectly handle multiple accounts, so I can keep my public new email address, but I will not login with that one anymore. The only publicly visible consequence so far: Google Chat in GMail will also expose the old email address. Other than that, I have to re-transfer all the 6000+ messages back to the old account using POP (takes a day or two). Now I think I can use my new Google Sites public email address (but not the tool) and have all other Google services available.

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