TWC Tuning Adapter coming?

This is a long story, and no happy ending yet. But there is hope. The situation is that we are using a TiVo Series 3 DVR here in San Diego with Cable Cards from Time Warner. The issue is that cable companies do not really like to connect 3rd party equipment like TiVo to their network, despite a mandate by the FCC. So there is service reduction and there are unfriendly people on the phone. For example, Cable Card users can't get "video on demand" and other services, since these require two-way communication which would not work with Cable Cards. But some time ago it got serious: new HD TV channels are offered using Switched Digital, and that has real impact. For example, my favorite SciFi channel is offered through Switched Digital only. But political pressure made them offer a technical solution, which is the Tuning Adapter. That is in testing now for a year or so, and eventually some month ago it was possible to pre-register for that device. Just a couple of days ago I got a call from an automated system, that the Tuning Adapter is now available in my area - but no word if it actually would come in. But again, there is hope now for more HD :-) Below is a picture of future.

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