Nostalgia OS

Another nostalgia post: There is an interesting and to some extend scary article in Computer World about 10 operating systems the world left behind. The scary part is that I was actually a user of most of the "forgotten" OSes. I liked CP/M back on my Apple II (a clone with the name "Orange" with a Z80 extension card and no less than two floppy drives). Turbo Pascal comes into mind. What happened to Borland, anyway? But back to OSes: I never owned an Amiga, and did not use OS/2. But the most relevant OS mentioned in the article is for me NeXTSTEP. Back in the days, this was the reason for my very first trip to California / Redwood City for a training session at NeXT - using PanAm to get there. We got a Cube a short time later in our office and I like to believe that this was the first one in Germany. I think NeXTSTEP still does not need to hide when compared to many contemporary systems. Find below a video of Steve Jobs explaining the benefits of Release 3 which supported color with the NeXTDimension boards. There is a nice jab at Apple at 1:30.

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