Moved this Blog

Another light tech-post: Finally, I was able to move this Blog to a new location. The Blog began at a Blogger site, and in the meantime I got an own domain through Google Sites. The simple thought was to move the Blog to the new site, and it should be easy since Blogger is owned by Google as well. But it was not so... here are the steps:
  • Google Sites uses 3rd parties to register domains, in my case GoDaddy. Google creates a username and password to manage the domain at GoDaddy, but I did not notice that there is a special login page - you can't use the front door at GoDaddy. Thanks to Steegle for pointing this out.
  • The Blogger instructions say that a CNAME entry for the new target sub domain ("blog") has to be created, so I did that in GoDaddy. But it did not work.
  • After a lot of research, finally BlogDoctor pointed out two things: You also create a CNAME for "", and after asking Blogger to use the "blog" subdomain, you should enable also "redirect to". I am not sure if one of them would be sufficient - but now it works fine.
Anyway, now the old site is redirected to this place. Less and less anonymity... Followers, please update your links!

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