BSG Finale

I watched the final episode of Battlestar Galactica today... how can one adequately end a series after four years of piling mysteries? And how can one talk about it without spoilers? Lets give it a try... The final episode was a 2 hour event, but it did not end with a big bang. The last 30 or 40 minutes somewhat dragged along after the decisive battle of humans with good cylons against the bad cylons. This battle was ending BSG style with an impulsive emotional individual judgement call - just like before when Adama was shot, Sharon rescued from Pegasus or Hera was abducted. The final episode got a 8.8 rating at - perhaps too high as many mysteries could not be resolved (or I did not get it). Now - with 15 minutes distance - I am not really satisfied with the end, but I enjoyed the overall approach of the show. The show emphasized the consequences of individual interests and actions, and often those consequences have been far bigger than the original intent. The show picked up many contemporary issues, like the Irak war and the means of "resistance". Bold plot twists made everything possible: Main characters disappeared, or they would change for better or more often for worse in the course of the action. One could never rely on a "happy ending", actually, on the opposite: one had to expect another catastropy or escalation. I liked it and recommend the show.

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